Nancy Wong

Well Being Method Practitioner, Dancer, Martial Artist!
Living excitedly, and looking forward to all
the wonderful experiences to come. – 303.885.7667




    I have had many, many massages over my 49-year life span. The massage I received from Nancy Wong Sick Hong on 2/1/15 was the BEST I’ve ever had. She is truly the most skilled therapist I’ve ever known. She also is warm, friendly, and kind – immediately put me at ease. I highly recommend her!

    – Maura Byrnes

    “Nancy’s work is wonderful – I could barely talk after my session with her. She is lovely! She Kinds those muscles- the ones that need attention. There is healing in her hands! I recommend Nancy to everyone!”

    – Lois Polese

    “Nancy delivered a fantastic massage. I have received massages every 2 weeks for the last 10 years, from therapists all over the globe. I rank her skills as one of the top 10. Thankyou!”

    – Gary Richman

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