Brigitte Haegdorens

Full Body Massage has never been so pure and
unique as the Wellbeing method Massage. It is a
massage that goes beyond normal awareness
and transcends the limited structure of basic
stroking, squashing and pressuring. A massage
that guarantees wellbeing at the highest form
of relaxation and empowerment. – 773.301.4443




    Traveling can be stressful - both on body and mind. Muscles are tense and in positions that are not ideal often for many hours. However, local or traveler... a massage by Brigitte is exactly what the body needs. Lite, medium or more intense, her experience and knowledge is felt throughout and after. I highly recommend.

    —Neil Bradley, Dancer/Finance

    An amazing massage ... completely different than any I have ever had (which is many) and completely different than I expected. Achieved "total consciousness" and relaxation...and afterwards my body did not feel destroyed ... the perfect massage.

    —John Schmitz, Business Executive

    This was my first pre-natal massage at 8 months along. Brigitte was wonderful. She explained the difference between pre-natal and standard massage before beginning. I found it extremely relaxing and calming - everything a pregnant woman needs! Brigitte is very warm and welcoming, making a massage with her very comfortable.

    —Bonnie Becker, Director of Sales

    I have been doing chiropractic care and getting massages for the last three years to help with back pain that has continued to get worse over the years. This was the first massage I have gotten that actually relieved pain not only in my back but all through out my body. I feel relaxed but also rejuvenated which is something totally new and amazing to feel.

    —Brooke Cook, Guest Services

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